Sunday, March 10, 2013

One woman, One dream, One beautiful world..

 We love you, Chez Panisse! get well soon.

 Chez Panisse was the dream of one woman, Alice Waters. She and a few friends started the restaurant in 1971, with one simple idea: to make it like a dinner party for friends, elegant and with attention to detail. 

It grew into this beautiful and famous restaurant in Berkeley, CA, which has been named the Top Restaurant in America, and Alice Waters has become a well-known author and philanthropist, with a foundation that has created school gardens all over the Bay Area.

Sadly, much of the gorgeous facade was destroyed by fire on Friday, and even though it will be restored, it is always heartbreaking to see any part of your dream demolished.

 Although Alice Waters and Chez Panisse have changed in many ways over 40 years, some things are remarkably consistent: the menu is set; each evening a prix fixe  meal is served, sourced from freshly picked or caught ingredients.

Not only is the food organic and local, it is fair, meaning grown in ways that don't harm the earth, and by people who are treated and paid fairly.

Finally, it is delicious, elegant, and interesting. Pleasure in food is a part of the Chez Panisse vision!
So, love & prayers from the Little Red Hen, just a tiny fledgling cousin who shares many of your values, to you and your fabulous restaurant, Alice!