Monday, March 4, 2013

MARCH~ing on toward a Better World.. one meal at a time

Above is one of many images of the "Green Man"... if you go to Europe and look carefully, you can find him everywhere, carved into buildings, and amongst the gargoyles.
Our ancestors, those of us with Anglo-european roots, had a real reverence for the earth and what it meant for life.
We have lost that, collectively, and if we don't wake up soon, the time of human existence on Planet Earth will actually be finite... That concerns me, especially when God gave us this planet, and gave us brains and the power to make wise decisions. 

One of the reasons I have a limited menu in the Cafe is that everything is homemade daily, and I have almost no food waste.
I buy locally as much as possible (come on, Farmers' Market.. I can hardly wait!!), buy whole rather than packaged or processed foods (above are the muffins you buy in an earlier stage. NO mixes or boxed products)
Any recyclable waste is recycled.
My brown trash container is less than 1/3 full every Thursday!
That's also because almost every plate I serve comes back clean.
Don't worry! That's not a menu item! This is how I use the trimmings from veggies: wash them well, then cook them slowly to make a homemade veg stock so my soups without meat are good for vegetarians!!
That's really what the Little Red Hen Cafe is about: building community, good healthy food, and a vision of a better world. Please pause a moment when you make your take-out and dining decisions and think about the implications of your choices. Yes, you can get a bigger menu, a faster drive thru lunch, and some crunchy fries for $7 (although I noticed my husband's lunch at Hardee's was EIGHT dollars) or you can help work toward this vision with me and others.