Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pho? no!!

Since a few people have commented that the Little Red Hen Cafe  serves less common food, you know.. unusual things like.. Quiche....! I can't help being a little worried that Pho will send some folks running for the hills (or the Knobs, as the case may be), so in case it sounds just TOO strange, here's a bit about this delicious Vietnamese Soup that Brandon will be fixing on Thursday.

It's a wonderful broth with beef and noodles and vegetables cooked Vietnamese-style. As one Blogger said:

I love pho! It cures whatever ails you! If it's cold outside, it'll warm yer innards. If your heart is broken, it offers succor (My sister took me out for pho after my 13 year old Labrador died, I cried in the soup as I drank up its warm comfort). If you're tired of the same old same old, it's different. 
Pho = Happiness.

I have a link I want to share with you. It's all about pho & very educational. Click here:

Pho Fever!

I have eaten Pho, and it was wonderful! So did you know this week is try something new week? Actually, every week should be try something new, learn something new, and experience something a little bit different week. The world is full of wonderful people, places, ideas, and foods.  I hope all the Pho (which does not rhyme with "know" but with "duh" ) gets sold on Thursday, all except one bowl, because I am hoping to have some that evening!