Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Wendell Berry, Kentucky farmer, poet & author
I hope everyone reading this has heard of Wendell Berry, but, if not, just know that he is one of the most prophetic voices on the planet when it comes to sustainability.
And just what is sustainability? In short, it is what will be needed to endure. For the earth, for communities, families, and for human beings. Springfield and Washington County are now directly connected to Wendell Berry and to sustainability because his agrarian farming program is coming to St. Catharine College.
When I started the Little Red Hen Cafe, I really wasn't sure what it would become, and whether it would be sustainable for me as a human being. But I knew that it would only be acceptable for me if it were based on a local economy: sourcing food locally, respecting and honoring local people, traditions, and economies. As Berry says in this wonderful list, sustainability is never about "making a killing." It's about honoring people, the community, and building something for the future.
If you took the time to read the link above, I ask you to take time to consider how you can make these statements true for our community. Do we agree with them, and do we want to bring them to our shared place, Springfield and Washington County? It would be great to talk about that! Of course, we have come a long way toward doing so, thanks to Sister Claire McGowan and theNew Pioneers organization. A sustainable restaurant is one more stage we can all look forward to along the path.
I feel very proud that The Hen Cafe has stayed close to those values. But right now, it is not sustainable for me, as one person, to continue to operate the cafe daily alone, nor do I have the resources or the wherewithal to do so otherwise at present and maintain my own health and intergrity as well as the integrity of my family.
I have several irons in the fire which may bring the Hen back for lunch soon! But they will take some time and some careful planning if they are to be done sustainably (see Berry's list)
Meanwhile, what I CAN and WILL do is offer wonderful, locally sourced meals, every Friday night all summer... Saturday mornings at the Farmers' Market... and for any catering needs you have! Please stop by when I am at the Cinnamon House or call 859 336 7367 anytime, or send an email:

Innisfree Farm
Mackville, KY
I have been able to spend two entire days on my own farm this week, the first in ten months. Heaven!